About Us

Buy Luxury Watches is an online-only retail distribution point specializing in the sale of watches and other fashion items of various brands. We source both locally and internationally.

All our stock is guaranteed authentic. We have a standard 12 Month Warranty from date of accepted delivery, and when the manufacturer’s warranty is void because we obtained certain items as grey imports, we and our suppliers will honour the 12-month warranty. Some items may be considered grey by local distributors as we import directly from Europe to offer you the best price possible. Where international warranties are not honoured locally, be sure to return the item to us for warranty purposes as we will honour any warranty usually given by the manufacturer and have it repaired via our associated dealers.

So why choose us?

  1. We strive to be the new market leader in watches in South Africa within the next 12 Months.
  2. We source worldwide through not only to deliver the product but also to provide the best value for money.
  3. We have a dedicated team of staff that will attend to your order personally throughout the sales and shipping process.
  4. Our pricing is clear pricing and all taxes and duties are included.
  5. We do not evade tax or import duties as many of our online counterparts do. As citizens of this great country South Africa, we all know what a huge effect our taxes have on the upliftment of our society.
  6. If it's not listed, we will find it for you. We have a very wide network of watch suppliers worldwide that assist us in finding specific models, be it a rare collectible timepiece, or just a model with sentimental value.